Monday, March 26, 2012

so blessed.

Last week I found myself having coffee with a man who was looking for a job.  My job was to get the paperwork started so we could begin to help.  As with many of the people I work with, he’s been through quite a few ups and downs and he has a real barrier to finding employment.  But he’s willing to try.

I walked away from that meeting feeling so blessed.  I hear so many stories like his each month, but there are times when it just hits me.  I am so blessed.  I just got in my car as I drove to the next meeting and thanked God for all He has been doing and all He has provided.  I have a job.  I have family who loves me.  I have friends who still like me even when I am not that great of a friend.  I have a church that calls me to have a deeper relationship with God and to move forward instead of sitting down, which sometimes sounds easier.  I have more than enough in so many areas of my life.  I really have no right to complain about the things I feel like I ought to have.  I get to take a three week vacation in just a couple of weeks.  Three weeks.  Yeah.  I am so blessed.

I had literally just come home from a three day adventure across California, in which I saw my favorite band twice and had lunch with my dad.  Not only did I see that band, (no, it couldn’t have been that band NEEDTOBREATHE...oh no, definitely not...)  I got to have that dinner with them! Some people think that because I work on their street team that I have special privileges.  I don’t.  Not really.  I am just as much of a fan girl as everyone else.  I just happen to get to be a part of the team promoting them.  And it means that they know me a little better than the rest of their fans.  Like when Joe walked right to me to say hi.  No big deal, right?  (And for those reading this and wondering if they are coming back to SLO...I’m working on it.  We may or may not have repeatedly brought it up during dinner.  I won’t take full credit if they return soon, as Joe said it himself that the SLO shows were some of his favorites, but I can say that I will have done my part.)

This is Bear. He is crazy good at what he does, which is rock n' roll.
I left their shows only feeling like I needed more...they are that good.  They keep getting better and better!  I don’t understand how they are not utterly famous yet.  All in good time, I suppose.  Anyway, all that to say I’m blessed.  I get to do things like that, going to shows and promoting my favorite musicians.  

And in two weeks, I’ll be in Florida.  I will get to visit friends, go to Disney World, see Dave Barnes and then NEEDTOBREATHE (yes, again.  You aren’t surprised, are you?), travel through 5 states, RELAX, and have fun.  So so blessed.  

It’s during times like these that I need to remember that God loves to bless His children.  I need to enjoy the good things that come along instead of wondering when the shoe is going to drop and the good fades away.  That’s like receiving a gift and telling the gift giver “thanks, but I know it’s going to break in a few maybe you shouldn’t have bothered.”  Can you imagine?  But I do that when I refuse to enjoy the good God gives me.  I essentially expect Him to take it away just as I am enjoying it.  That’s not His heart.  So, I’ll keep reminding myself, I am so blessed.

Yes, I might have squealed a little when Bo replied to my tweet.  This has never happened before.

And then Seth liked my photo and commented on it.  If this doesn't prove I am a typical fan girl, seeing that I took pictures of these occurrences to show you...well, then. I don't know what to tell you.
 What's been a blessing in your life recently?


Emily grapes said...

Look at you getting 'in' with the band. Eating, tweeting, picture're in!! ;) When I saw you went from San Fran to LA, I thought you were crazy. haha that drive kills me, but I know how much you love to see them.

I've had some very big blessings lately. God's been providing in so many ways, its unbelievable and humbling.
Emily at Amazing Grapes

Megan said...

This is such a great post. I have been feeling like this lately, too. SO SO blessed. I think sometimes just realizing what other people are going through is really a reminder of all the blessings in our own life!