Tuesday, February 2, 2010

car adventures

I was thinking about my car the other day, and how blessed I am to have one. I would LOVE to own a new car, one that doesn't have its issues popping up on a fairly regular basis, one just waiting to begin its many, many miles on the road. But I have a car, a pretty good one. And it, like the one before it, has its own story to tell. I have had quite the adventures with my two cars that I have owned.

The first was a red, two door Saturn coupe, dubbed "Indie" which was short for independence. It was, after all, my first car...my first taste of freedom. I loved that little car! It, however, began to create some hiccups...making some substantial dents in my wallet! The alternator, a wheel baring, some crazy expensive work on the engine, the water pump which led to the radiator, and finally sudden unexplainable death. It's amazing though how much God used this little car to show me His provision and faithfulness. Because, you see, along with all of those hiccups were blessings...mechanics allowing me to make payments, someone paying off the remainder of what I owed (to the tune of $560), a personal mechanic who loathed the sight of my car after fixing it for almost two years for the cost of parts (he just wanted to serve and bless...such a God send!), an adventure with an El Camino for a week which required the use of a phone book so I could reach the pedals, and eventually a new used car that was even less than I was praying for! At first, each hiccup would consume me with stress...I was working a lot, but was just learning how to manage all of my finances. Car repairs are not cheap, and I often did not have the money. But God faithfully worked out each circumstance and situation, even when I was barely standing in faith that He would. I refused to ask for help for a long time, and learned that I was holding myself back from blessings when I did that! Through the trials of Indie, I cried many tears of joy as God's hand moved to ensure His daughter was taken care of.

Not my actual car...but you get the gist!

I was not wholly unprepared for the death of Indie, as my personal mechanic saw the early warning signs. We had been searching for about 6 months prior to the day she refused to start, with no real good leads. Thankfully, two days before that red car gave out, my roommate left the state for three weeks...leaving her car behind! It was Christmas time, and I was able to use her car to go to work and see my family for Christmas. It was when she came back that I found the lead to the car I now lovingly call "The MAXIMA". Not only was the price right, but I was helping a family going through some difficult times get back on their feet by taking some debt off their plate and giving them some cushion money.

The actual "MAXIMA"- said as though you were announcing a gladiator...

I felt like I had upgraded...a four door V6 engine Nissan Maxima. It is one smooth ride. Though worn on the edges, it was and is a great car. As the years passed though the Indie era, I had grown up and had the job to match. And with this job, I had to drive a lot more. The Maxima made this happen much easier and with less stress! This car was not exempt from problems, however. I really should have named it "Chekenge"- as in, check engine. Because it was a car with higher mileage, it is also prone to the ever-present check engine light. It has almost become normal for me to see it on. Sometimes, when it is not on, I check to make sure I didn't burn out the light for it...is that bad? The light is on currently...and I need to take it in to get it checked AGAIN. I believe this is the 4th time. It's like a once a year deal, reminding me that cars need our attention too.

Despite these interesting and regular car "bumps", I have never gone without a car...whether I am blessed to borrow one (once my friend let me use her BRAND new Honda Accord with butt warmers...ahmazing!) or I am blessed to have my own. My cars really are a gift from God, as they allow me to have the job I have, and allow me to in turn bless others. I have given countless rides and let others borrow mine when needed. I am very grateful! I still dream of having a hybrid SUV...but until then I am looking forward to the many adventures left in the Maxima! I know God will make sure I am taken care of, and am praying that this car lasts to at least the 300,000 mile mark!

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