Saturday, February 20, 2010

part time mother and other little titles

I feel like I could be acquiring new job titles with all that I have been up to lately...and really in fact I do have at least one legitimate one- "Respirator". What does that mean? As you well know, I am quite the fan of NeedToBreathe and their street team is referred to as the Breathers. So, of course to keep in line with the play on words, the leaders of the street team are known as the Respirators. I am the Respirator for San Luis Obispo. And I think this is pretty fantastic. I was already doing a lot of what the job requires...promoting the shows in your area. The position did not exist before though...they only had openings in L.A. and San Francisco. But I was encouraged to apply any way to see if there was something I could do. Ultimately, they ended up adding SLO to their tour, which facilitated the need for a person like me! It's fun and I get to meet some awesome people too. I will meet several of them face to face in North and South Carolina in just two months!

I have been spending lots of time watching kids as well, hence the title of "part time mother". I added up the hours I actually watched kids this week and it was a grand total of 16!!! It was supposed to be more, but things worked out that I did not end up doing it on two occasions.

Anyway, I have been busy and enjoying it! I love growing as a person and learning. I feel like I am becoming more responsible, but having fun, and am excited to one day have kids of my own!

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Outnumbered by 3 Stooges!! said...

as a mother who understands the dinamic of only asking someone who is trusted to watch kids that 16 hours, with time that was cutt is impressive and you totally earned it and deserve it. Your an amazing woman and going to be a fantasic wife and mother! True dat!