Monday, February 22, 2010

mawwage is what bwings us together todayyyy

It is the year of weddings. I personally know of 8 couples who have/will be getting married this year. That is a lot of weddings...OH, and I am a bridesmaid in one of those weddings in July. What stands out to me though is that in the last month, I have had several conversations with random people about when I am going to get married. Random people. Like a wedding guest at a wedding I went to in January, a guy who I casually know as a friend, another guy who I have not had regular conversations with in about 3 years, a person I work with at the Department of Rehabilitation several other friends. And the answer is...I don't know. Could it happen this year? Yes. Is it likely to happen this year? Uh...I'd wager no if I had to bet on it...but it is not impossible. Could I met the one this year? Most definitely. And I am praying for it.

It's like I have to fight off the "eyes on the prize" mentality, and keep focused on Jesus. My prayer this morning was not to have my husband...I have him. He exists somewhere! He just hasn't been found in my life yet. My prayer was for patience while I wait. For grace in my emotions. And for hope that I will know him soon. I know he is coming. God has made me that promise. I want to cling to God...and not the thing...the thing of marriage. I do find it amusing that my (future) marriage has been quite the topic lately. Maybe it means something, and maybe it doesn't. But I am excited for that day. I know it will be great.