Sunday, April 4, 2010

the finale...

Happy Easter! What a great day for a fashion finale...a chance to wear my best as I celebrate that Jesus is risen (let the people say, "He is risen, indeed!"). I love the dress I wore today. It is so...vibrant. I don't think I own anything this colorful in a pattern, and I fell in love with it when I first saw it on the rack. Here is my final day...

I decided to jump in excitement for the finale...even though it is kinda sad.

details are important.

Dress- Target :)
Boots and sweater made appearances earlier in the week,
same with the necklace

And my favorite part of the day, besides church this morning, was seeing
my childhood best friend. I love her to pieces.


ForeistCage said...

you have cute flowery dress!so bright and pretty!:DD

Katie said...

Love it! Love you!

Chelsea Robbins said...

what a gorgeous dress! too cute!

Rachael said...

And what a great finale it is! This is the best outfit ever! Such bright colors, accessories and cardigan not to mention boots! Thanks for being a part of this week!!! :)