Saturday, April 3, 2010

the truth?

Hahaha, truth be told, I wore my pajamas (or a version of pajamas) until about 5pm today. I am not going to post that. I let myself sleep in and do some reading...then I got my clean on! I finished my spring cleaning task and did laundry...even put the clothes away! Man, I am good. So, this outfit has only been worn about an hour. I only got three shots of it because my camera battery here it is. The finale will be much better, folks. But today, you get me sans make-up and super casual.

I think I look really young in the third photo...

Flannel- Target
Teal tee- Gap
Jeans- Old Navy

Tomorrow is the last day of the Spring Fashion Week, hosted by Emery.
Let's go out with a bang!


Katie said...

Love it. You're really pretty without makeup.

Chelsea Robbins said...

totally a shirt i would rock.

you're rocking it well my friend. looks cute.

Rachael said...

You are so vibrant! Both in your cute outfit and that great smile! I'm excited to see your finale!!!