Wednesday, July 11, 2007

i can has...

How can you not laugh?

Okay, I have decided I love the i can has cheezburger website. I have the following picture on my work laptop right now because it makes me laugh.

I mean, how cute is this? I have to thank Katie and Felicia for introducing this to me.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

one way?

Depends on what you are asking. One way to Heaven? Yes. Jesus said that He is the Way. He says it over and over. One way to have a church service? No. God made us all differently, so why would He expect us all to worship the same way? What needs to be looked at is the heart of the person/church and how it lines up with what the Word of God says. A heart that truly seeks and honors Him is what God desires, not whether the church sings with an organ or with a band. God always looks at the heart. One way to reach people? Again, no. People are different. And truly, it is the Holy Spirit who reaches people. He uses us as instruments to bring the gospel to the people, but is there a magic formula? No. Does that mean we shouldn't try? No. God tells us to spread the gospel. Some disciples stayed in their hometowns to preach the word. Some travelled around the world. This is why we have so many missionaries in the world. God loves missionaries! He also wants people to stay at home and reach out to those around them. Whether it is one by one, one family member or friend at a time, or reaching many, we are not meant to keep the gospel to ourselves. That is a selfish act...why would we want to keep something that has changed our lives to ourselves? And why would we put down the way others share the gospel just because it is not the way we do it? The only method of comparison should be to the Word of God. Does the heart line up with God's heart? Does the reaching out line up with how Jesus modeled it? We, as Christ's body, need to be unified in heart, even if the ways we go about serving God look a little different. We need to look to God, not each other. Ultimately, our division causes more souls to be lost because the pettiness of it all keeps people from sharing God's heart. That is the most important thing. It is why we are here. To live for God. To love like God. And to share what God has done for us, each of us having our own unique tales.