Wednesday, February 22, 2012

sometimes & always

Sometimes: When guys ask me who I like, especially to maybe help encourage him to ask me for coffee, I am tempted to tell them.
Always: I don’t. (Unless it’s someone I really trust/know that they don’t like me like that so I know I won’t hurt their feelings...which leaves only a few)  I also always wonder if I should...if it would help or hurt the cause.

Sometimes: My co-worker and I listen to different Pandora stations based on the day of the week.
Always: You could catch us singing along...often somewhat obnoxiously.  And also repeating the lyrics for emphasis.  We keep it real.

Sometimes: I think about radically changing my eating habits...
Always: I see the cookie, brownie, etc and think I could not handle that radical of a change. Haha...

Sometimes: I go through superficial stages in writing on my right now.
Always: I come back around full circle.

Sometimes: I check in on my Google+ account thinking I’m missing out on stuff...
Always: I find little has occurred since the last time (often a month or more) I stopped by.  So little that I have yet to put that app on my phone.

Sometimes: I think it’s REALLY obvious to a guy that I like him.
Always: I remember that it’s not, and am somewhat thankful. Somewhat.

Sometimes: I wish I could buy a new outfit every week...sounds fun, right?
Always: I remember how FULL my closet is, how I’m out of hangers, and how much I hate putting clothes away.  So I don’t.

Sometimes: I wish I didn’t have to work.
Always: I realize I’d be bored out of my mind AND broke. Truthfully, even when I am not super excited about my job, I like what I do and am grateful.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Valentine's Day

Ohhhhh Valentine's Day, how I have a love/hate relationship with you.  All of the advertisements, all of the hype...all working together to remind me that I am single.  Because it is so prominent, people are bold to ask if you have plans, if you are dating someone, etc.  Reminded once again. 

I do have plans.  I don't know much of the details, but I've gathered that it is a fairly large group and we are dressing up.  I was asked yesterday, however, if I wanted to go on a real date.  One-on-one, taken out so that I could be known.  Let me clarify, this question was posed in the hypothetical, by a girl who was dismayed at the thought of many of us single ladies going on another group "date", the equivalent to a fancier hang out that takes place on a regular basis.  My heart and my mouth said YES.  Of course I do! While I am really grateful to have a group of guys who want to do SOMETHING in order to make us ladies feel special and to get us out of the house on a night that would normally keep us home bound or babysitting, I would rather be on a date.  Week after week, whether at group hang outs or at church, I am lost in the sea of other women where it is rare that a conversation makes its way past the somewhat superficial.  A one-on-one hang out (it doesn't have to be a date) pushes past all of that and forces the two people to actually get to know each other.  Maybe it'll be worth another hang out, maybe it won't.  But we'd know.  And we could move on past that unknown of whether or not that person we are attracted to has something deeper to connect to. 

Group hang outs are a great place to start.  I'm not knocking those. In fact, they are needed.  That is where two people can meet and build an interest in a safe environment.  The problem develops when no one is willing to step out and say, "hey, want to grab coffee sometime?", and all that continues to happen is the group hang out.  People can develop something here, but it's rare.  There are too many distractions...and as witnessed at a recent one, the scene often becomes much like a junior high dance.  Guys on one side, girls on the other.  The guys and girls that DO mix are often the ones who mix all the time and have established a clear line of friendship.  It's almost painfully amusing to watch.

Oh Valentine's Day, what am I to do with you?  Every year, you swing in with a hope of something special and so far leave with some level of disappointment.  I know this will not always be so.  Hence the love/hate relationship.

With one day left, I am pretty sure I will find myself tomorrow night in the sea of other women, bumping elbows with gentlemen full of potential.  I will laugh and have a good time, but will likely walk away still mostly unknown.  One sweet Valentine's Day that will change.  There is still hope for this one, but it's fading fast.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

sometimes and always: lunch time edition

Sometimes: I wish I could sleep in on Saturdays.
Always: I remember the awesome things I get to do on Saturday mornings and no longer regret not sleeping choir and adopt-a-block!

(I am hiding behind the soloist in the yellow sweater.  This was during practice.)

Sometimes: I nearly kill the plant I have on my desk at work, even though it is right there.
Always: It comes back to life, sometimes with a little help from some diet coke ;)

Sometimes: I want to come to work in my pajamas.
Always: I put on nice clothes and make an effort to look professional, even if no one will see me all day.

Sometimes: I choose not to exercise when I should.
Always: I regret it.

Sometimes: I think about going back to my natural hair color of blonde.
Always: I remember the last time I did, and how it took me a month to get used to it. I think I like having darker hair now better.

Sometimes: I think about getting a tattoo.

Always: I imagine myself as an 80 year old with a tattoo and LAUGH. Because I can't picture that being real. It's just not me.

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