Monday, July 23, 2012

in other news...

So, yeah...would 2012 slow down a little?! Almost two months have passed since my last post, but I can say I've got some good reasons why I haven't been in the blog world. Here's a short lunch break check in to give you an update!

In the last two months...
I've gone to four more concerts...Green River Ordinance, Citizen, History of Painters, Zac Brown Band
I've gone to local baseball games, trips to the beach and the lake.
I've booked two cruises in the next seven months.
I rescued a dog and got her returned to her home (with the help of my roommate!)
I got a PROMOTION...Program Director, here I come...
I led a full song at church for the first time (only had led parts in the past)
I had a major answer to prayer when my brother came to visit, found a job, and is now moving here!
I helped build a huge indoor blanket fort, because we could.
I've become addicted to the show Big Bang Theory.
I've also started line dancing every week.

Life is good, folks. And busy. It's almost the birthday, and I'm feeling ambivalent about celebrating...but more and more people are telling me that I look like I am in the 21-24 age range instead of (ahem) almost 31. That too is good. :)