Saturday, October 27, 2007

buzz in the air

I am really excited as of late, since our pastor pretty much told us that we are too single and something needs to change. I must admit that I have been longing, yes longing, for this change to occur. And I have not really been allowed to help spur on that change. As a woman, God has asked me to wait. In fact, He has asked me to not pursue relationships with men, even friendship. I have been taught to wait, which has been amazing. My heart has stayed a lot more protected because I haven't been caught up in weird signals. I am at a point where I'll know if I am being pursued. Quite frankly, he'll have to be really obvious, because I have to assume it's friendship otherwise. So, I am excited for myself, but also for those around me.

This week, I have had more conversations about finding husbands/wives and dreaming of the occurance than ever before. I am finding out so much about people I love because they are opening up their hearts to possibilities, and are willing to share what they are dreaming of. I am joyous over seeing longtime friends get excited about meeting their true love, despite all of the insecurities. We are beginning to believe that God wants to bless us in a different way than He ever has before. And I can't wait.

Truthfully, I am hoping that I won't be left out and afraid that I will be. But ultimately God knows my story. I don't. If I had the pen, the story I would have written would be one of settling and second best dreams. I only know now, in hindsight, that I wasn't ready in the past when I thought I was. And only God truly knows if I am ready now.

I am praying for myself to stay steady in this buzz...that I won't get carried away, well, until I am meant to. Ha ha! And I am praying for others, that we would all see through God's eyes, and not our own. I am not expecting the perfect package to arrive at my door...because I am definitely not perfect! As we grow together, we will become more of who we are meant to be. I want to see that in the man who is going to pursue me, not just focus on what he has now. I don't want to turn away a man who has the potential simply because he has not come to fullness yet. It takes time, and I will be grateful to the man who sees the same in me. And allows me the time and patience to become what he has dreamed for me.

So, the buzz is in the air, and I hope to see a great wave of men and women coming together side by side to do amazing things for God. This truly is a great time to be in.