Tuesday, December 18, 2007


I love the rain. It is pouring outside, and I am warm inside. Rain brings the desire to be cozy, one of my favorite things, and cozy means warm blankets, hot coffee or cocoa, warm desserts, cuddling, fireplaces, and bundling up in scarves and jackets. Rain also washes away the old, and waters the ground to bring new life. It feels a bit gloomy in the process, the dark clounds, cold wind, and constant downpour. But around the corner is new life. Spring comes bounding in after the rain and cold with green hills and bright sunshine. New life.

I feel like the weather outside, rainy and stormy. But there is a deep peace knowing that around the corner is new life, when the clouds over me, the sorrow, pass and joy resounds in a new, fresh season. So I'll sit through this storm, but know I will make it to the other side, and rejoice in the days to come.