Thursday, September 24, 2009

30 days of things that make me 1

So, I've decided I need to focus on the small and joyful things in my life for 30 days...God has given me much, and I need to see that everyday! Sometimes I get caught up in what I don't have, and that steals the joy from those simple things. I will chronicle my daily joys here, and will hopefully write about other things in between. Maybe it will encourage you to think of the good things in life and maybe even share them with me! :)

Day 1:

-KIDS. Today I was told by a very smart 3 year old (well, tomorrow he will be 3!) that ice cream comes from church. Must be because good things like ice cream come from church, right? Hee hee. And I got group hugs from the same 3 year old and his little brother. Later when I stopped by my cell leader's house to grab my forgotten sweater, I got her son's first wave as I left. It was stinkin' adorable!

-The book of 1 John in the Bible. I have read it a hundred times, but it is still rocking my world.

-Diet Coke and Chile Limon chips. YUM.

-Ipods. Keeps amazing music from my favorites like Needtobreathe and Bethany Dillon streaming in my ears, especially at work when I have lots of paperwork.

-Cooked chicken from Vons...yum!!! And little to no prep for dinner :)

I really could go on and on and on, but that will unfold over the next 29 days. I look forward to tomorrow's joys!

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