Sunday, September 27, 2009

day 4

Another day, more things to make me smile...

-Engagements. I know so many people getting engaged...and they glow. It makes me want love like that.

-Singing. I love love love to sing. And when it is combined with worshiping God, it makes me smile.

-Seeing how much God has done in my life. I sometimes forget to look and see how far I have come because I am so caught up in the moment. But there are times when I am reminded, and I am grateful. I was told today that I smile a lot more these days. I would have to agree.

-New friends. New friends are like gifts. You are not sure what is inside, but you are so excited to open them up!

-God's heart for me. Really it makes me weep and smile at the same time. It's powerful, and if I let it, it will change my life.

I like this. Doing this makes me smile. :)

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