Saturday, September 26, 2009

day 3

Day 3 was off to a rough start given how late I went to bed, etc. but was quickly redeemed...I won't pretend all the car stuff is not affecting me, but I am also seeing God move despite the circumstances, and how generous my friends are.

-Needtobreathe. Yvonne and I listened to them while driving to a birthday party in her truck...and it was amazingly good driving music. I am a huge fan, and look forward to going to their concert in San Francisco in a month. I am not usually this big a nerd for things like this, but seriously, if I could pick a band to be friends with (that I am not already, like Citizen...), I'd pick them.

-Avila Valley Barn. This place is magical! Especially in the fall. This is where the birthday party was, and seeing kids run around and have fun, sampling amazing foods in their little market, piles of pumpkins, and a hayride to boot was enthralling! I can't explain why I love it so much, but I do. I am definitely bringing my kids there one day.

-Friends who go above and beyond for you. Yvonne looked at my car and waited with me while the tow truck came. We got slurpees! She then drove me to the car shop and looked up the cost of the repair so I would know while the truck unloaded my car. She then drove me home. My co-worker is taking me to and from work on Monday, and my roommate Katrina is letting me use her car tomorrow so I can take a new girl from Poly to church. I am so blessed.

-Naps. I needed one today and enjoyed it thoroughly.

-Pumpkin ice cream. Delicious. Enough said.

Off to bed now...lots to do tomorrow. I like this...30 days of things that make me smile. Tell me some of yours!

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