Wednesday, September 30, 2009

day seven

I really need to start writing these earlier in the mind turns into mush, I am afraid, after say, 10pm. So then you get entries like "I like people. and peanut butter. and pillows." Haha, but really, something to consider for the next 20 something days...

-Pumpkin butter. Might as well list ALL things pumpkin. :)

-Pregnant bellies. The fact that a baby is growing and forming inside delights me to no end. And I think pregnant mamas are incredibly beautiful.

-Truth. It outweighs logic, which is often faulty.

-Hanging out with the Lord. He is the BEST thing in my life.

Sorry so short, but seriously. I am about to fall asleep on my laptop and I think the drool that would ensue would surely kill it.

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