Saturday, September 26, 2009

day 2...

So continuing on...I am determined to do this everyday for 30 days...and here it is almost 1am. It has been a loooonnnnggg day. But a good one despite a major hiccup. My car won't start. It is in a random parking lot in SLO and I am without a car until I can figure it out. Money is not flowing from my natural bank account, so I am seriously hoping for the supernatural bank to open up to pay for what I think is a dead starter. Not a horrible thing, but quite inconvenient. I have been awake for almost 19 hours today because I started my day volunteering at K-Life for its Fall Partnership Drive. I had a lot of fun doing that, which leads me into the joys of today...

-Spontaneous fun. My friends and I who volunteered this morning had no shortage of spontaneous fun. It included breakdancing, stomping, making up songs and cheers, and cracking random jokes. Maybe we were delirious from being up so early, but I laughed for a majority of it. And yes, in the meantime, we took many phone calls for pledges. We multi-tasked.

-Hearing God move in people's lives. I took two phone calls this morning in a row where people were weeping because of God's heart. My favorite was a woman who wanted to give and felt bad she couldn't give more. She told me a story about how last night on her job, she was given a $76 tip...for a $23 delivery. It made her weep. She was trusting in God's provision, and giving because she wanted to. It was inspiring.

-Scarves. First day of fall to wear one! It was lovely.

-When you don't end up doing something and you realize it was for the best. Like me deciding not to drive all the way out to Hearst Castle as planned today. I was not feeling up to it. In fact, I was not feeling well, and it wasn't until I decided not to go that I started to feel better. Looking back, it is quite likely that my car could have ended up stranded in San Simeon instead of San Luis Obispo. Big difference. And grateful that it is not.

-The 80s. Such a fun decade. I went to an 80s party tonight and rocked out with a generation of people who were not alive in that decade, haha. Here's a sneak peek...

-Young brothers...real ones, yes. But also the ones God puts in your life to remind you of your youth and make you feel cool. I have a posse of them, and I love them dearly. They made tonight that much more fun.

Time for bed...let's see how tomorrow unfolds!

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