Monday, December 19, 2011


Because there have been some great awkward/awesome situations in my life lately, I thought I'd share...

Awesome: Being one of the first few people at our office white elephant exchange party to get to pick a meant I had the potential of having my hands on several gift choices!

Awkward: Grabbing a bag because I think it has wine in it.  Instead, it had a shake weight inside.  I am instantly feeling awkward about this and turn bright red.  Everyone laughs.

Awesome: Someone steals the shake weight! I get to pick a new gift.

Awkward:  It turns out to be this gift...

Yeah, it says "expose yourself to art". Sooooo awkward!
Awesome: Someone steals it from me (yay!) and I steal a bottle of wine that has been stolen enough times that I got to keep it.  Happy.

Awkward: On my on-call shift, I had so many call outs that I worked two extra shifts...I was so exhausted that when I showed up to my work Christmas party and people asked me how I was, I started to cry.

Awesome: Because I had to work so much, I got a four day weekend out of the deal!

Awesome: Hearing two really great messages at church for two weeks in a row and it speaking to your heart so much that you decide to update your status to reflect part of the message.

Awkward: Writing the status in such a way that no one who wasn't at the same services as you got it...and wrote concerned messages.  *Note to self, explain slightly ambiguous statuses in the future.

Awkward AND awesome: The picture my roommate and I used for this year's Christmas card.

Awkward and awesome: Having such a loud voice that your pastor points at you and wants you to sing as loud as you can because you can...because the group of people you are singing with are not quite loud enough (though we sounded amazing!) and he wants us to be heard.

Awkward: Loving a band so much that you go by yourself to see them...for the second week in a row.

Awesome: Running into people you know, and one of them giving you cake that she made for the band because it was extra.  It was DELISH.  Oh and the band. History of Painters.  Check them out. :)

Awkward and awesome: Realizing that you can do your grocery shopping, finish Christmas shopping, get birthday gifts and a baby shower gift all in one Target.  It seems wrong, but it's so right!

Awesome: Going for my first run since Thanksgiving and running a mile!

Awkward: Seeing as I am running, a cat almost getting run over by a car, THEN the cat nearly running me over...not kidding. It was running so fast that it lost control and almost flew right into my path.  I had to stop and laugh for two seconds.

Share with me some of your favorite awkward and awesome moments of the's good to laugh!

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Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

That cat made me laugh! I can just picture it spazzing!

So glad you got a 4 day weekend out of the deal, but not that cried. :(

I'm horrible at awkward/awesome posts. I think about them all the time but never have anything creative. =/

Target is awesome, that's all there is to it.