Monday, December 12, 2011

holiday inn & love

So, in the spirit of Christmas, my friends and I are all about watching movies that involve Christmas!  Yesterday, the movie of choice was Holiday Inn.  If you haven't seen it, it is a lovely black and white film about love and its pursuit, all splashed with singing and dancing! Of course, watching this movie spurred on lots of "that's how to win your wife" comments...mostly aimed at my friend Estevan, since he was the only male present.  Haha.

This movie inspired the quote on my Facebook page yesterday as well, "You could melt her heart like butter, if you'd only turn on the heat!"  So, I thought it would be kind of fun to write a post about things men can do to melt a girl's heart, some from the movie, some from life least in my (humble) point of view. :)  (in no particular order)

1. Sing. Dance. Use what ever romantic talent you have (drawing, writing, etc.).   
In the movie "Holiday Inn", it opens with this song "I'll Capture Your Heart Singing".  It definitely has truth to it. Bing Crosby had the whole group of us ladies swooning with his voice, and Fred Astaire with his dancing.  Anyway, something worth noting.

2.  Walk ladies to their car when they leave, especially at night, regardless of being interested in them.
You see, not only does this make the lady friends in your life feel protected, it makes you look good.  It shows you are a gentleman interested in ensuring they are safe.  If the girl you are interested is around when you do this, they will notice.  If they are not, her friends who are there will.  It's a win-win.  Same with opening doors, offering to carry things for them, helping them down stairs or down potentially slippery surfaces, offering to check the fluids in the car before a road trip if she's driving...all things note-worthy over the years.

3.  Notice children around you.  Get down to their level, play with them, hold them, be their friends.
If you do this, most women will take note and assume that you will be a good dad.  You can't fake this though.  If kids freak you out, we will notice.  But if you really do like kids and want to have your own one day, practice now.  This makes you look really good.

4. Compliment her. 
Did she just get her hair done? Do you like her outfit that day?  Tell her!  Tell your lady friends too.  Some of my favorite compliments have come from just is a great encouragement!  My favorite was when a guy friend was writing out a name tag for me and wrote "MODEL", then asked, "Is that how it's spelled?"  And you can practice on your lady it doesn't come across as awkward when you compliment the one you have your eyes on.

5. Pay attention to her life and ask her about things (i.e. trips, important events in her life).
This is good because A) it shows you are paying attention and B) it shows you care.  It also creates more topics to talk to her about!

6. Laugh at her jokes.
Nothing is worse (for me) when I get a blank stare after telling a joke.  Even if it is a terribly cheesy joke. It just stops the flow.  Hopefully, you find her funny.

7. Pursue, pursue, pursue.
Mamie in Holiday Inn gives Bing's character quite a speech about pursuing the woman he loves, pretty much ending with the butter quote.  And it's true.  I'll say it over and over, women want to and need to be pursued.  A note of caution for guys though: make sure you are clear about your intentions.  When pursuing friendship with any woman, especially if you only want to be friends with them (!!!), make sure that somewhere along the line you let them know your intentions.  We don't expect you to know right away, nor that declaration to come too quickly, but be clear.  And don't be afraid to be clear.  When we know what to expect, we feel at peace.  (See #2 about protecting women). So, be bold and pursue!


Steve Finnell said...

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Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I've never heard of that movie. I'll have to look into it because I like Bing Crosby!

Great points. All so so so right on. If guys would just do the simplest things, they'd be amazed at how much we'd respond.

...and you're invited to follow my blog, too!! bahaha, I hope that's a friend of yours, cause if not that's hilarious.
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