Tuesday, December 6, 2011

grownup Christmas list


And the funny thing is...I am WAY more excited about buying and giving others gifts than getting them.  In fact, I am having a hard time coming up with ideas of things I want.  I just bought the lens I wanted...because my awesome friend Jess is selling hers for way cheaper than retail price...and so that left a few ideas.  Have you ever felt like that?  Like you are pretty satisfied with what you have and don't really need/want a whole lot?  I mean, sure, I probably could come up with some ridiculous list of things that would be fun to have but that I don't really need.

Most of the things on my list are things I need to buy eventually because they are dying, old, or already dead and I am borrowing a roommate's (shout out to Steph!).  Without further adieu, here is my fairly practical if-I-don't-get-these-I'll-eventually-cave-and-buy-them-for-myself list of gifts:

A Chi hair straightener. Mine died in St. Louis. No joke.

There is no good reason why I don't already own this movie.

Um, how cool is this 2-way coffee maker?!

And although my dryer is not dead yet...I'm afraid it will be soon.   
So there it is. My list.  I guess if The Help and Courageous are out (movies) before Christmas, I want those too.  The Muppets movie too but that definitely won't be out.  I haven't gotten boring in my old age, have I? ;)


Katie said...

I had to struggle not to put all practical things on my own list for the parentals--like an electric toothbrush, and fixed A/C in my car. Things I need, but won't spend the money on, heh. But I wanted to make it more fun for them and me.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I have a GHD flat iron and its AWESOME! I've heard Chi is really good too.

You know, I've never seen Cinderella Man...
that coffee maker looks pretty cool, I'll admit!
Emily at Amazing Grapes