Tuesday, August 28, 2012

sometimes and always

Sometimes: I develop crushes on musicians I meet.
Always: I wonder if it is ridiculous to do so, but continue to "keep an open mind" because you never know... ;)

Sometimes: I try making things I find on Pinterest and hope it'll turn out perfect.
Always: It doesn't look the same...but it tastes yummy!

Sometimes: I worry that my new job's shoes are too big for me to fill...
Always: I tell myself to put my big boy pants on and get it done.
I thought this shot was fitting...hahaha

Sometimes: I wonder if it bothers my preggo friend when I constant touch her ever growing belly.
Always: I do it anyway...knowing she loves me. It's part of my "auntie" rights.

Sometimes: I think about doing something crazy like skydiving or getting a tattoo.
Always: I talk myself out of it.

Sometimes: I crave chocolate.
Always: I scour the house looking for a way to satisfy that craving. Gotta let yourself have something yummy from time to time...right?!

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Emily grapes said...

I've been craving chocolate for weeks now and haven't gotten any. Its quite the bummer.

You should absolutely skydive. I've been wanting to do that for years now and plan on it. I went hang gliding and that was sooo fun.
Emily at Amazing Grapes