Thursday, October 1, 2009

day 8

I am starting 10 minutes before 10pm, so perhaps my list will be a little more coherent. Hee hee. I am starting to look forward to writing this everyday. One cannot keep this up forever, but I think this is something everyone should do at some point in their lives. Keep track of things that make them smile. Here we go for today!

-The faith of a child. I got to go to a meeting for our Kids World team, and one of the leaders shared some amazing stories of faith from the kids in our church. Jesus told us to have faith like a child...He did so because it is so unhindered. So real. And so beautiful. I want faith like that. It makes me want to hang out with kids even more!

-Getting my car back after being parted from it for almost a week. I love my car! I really do! It is at 211,000 miles, and still ticking. I am praying it goes to 300k. It is a good car. :)

-Good, deep conversations with trusted friends. I love that I have friends who I can say almost anything to, and they still love me. That they can share their heart and be real. It is so important, and I know I have not always had that in my life. I greatly appreciate them!

-Having a variety of things to do in my job. I taught CPR today. Tomorrow I will be holding meetings and setting up new clients to start their new positions at one of our group sites...oh, and starting billing. It is the variety that keeps things from getting monotonous! I like my job.

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