Wednesday, October 21, 2009

age 28...errr, day 28

Only two more days after this, and the lists will be gone...but I am excited to share today's things that made me smile. My only complaint about this 30 day project (besides having to stick to it daily) is that NO one person has shared anything with me that makes them smile. So, please, if you are actually reading this, share something that made YOU smile today. :D

-The people I work with and for. The clients we serve are great! They bring a different perspective to life that is often random or unexpected, but almost always guaranteed to make you smile. I surprise visited one of my clients today, and what ensued was hilarious...I only wish I could share. But let's just say that he was sorry he didn't shave for me. He only shaves for single ladies and hates being caught off guard by one and not being shaved. Hee hee. It was fun.

-Smelling candles until you find the perfect scent. I am sure I look funny pulling off lids and taking a deep whiff but man, when you find the right one, you want to grab it and light it up! (which I don't...until I buy it and get it home). Sometimes there are funky smelling candles.

-Newborn babies. They are like little nuggets that you can just cuddle with for hours! I got to hold a little boy only one week old when I dropped off food for the family. Newborns are so dependent on their parents to care for is a picture of how we should be with God. Resting completely in His arms. I want one. Obviously not now. But soon.

-Breakfast for dinner. I simply love breakfast!


Bob Hutchison said...

I was talking with a co-worker about wiffle-ball, and I remembered playing as a child, and with my children - an ageless game - That made me smile...

Reading my favorite blogger, and her amazing, quirky view of life, always makes me smile :D

Estevan said...

Sharing a meal with good friends

Remembering things that God has done in my life

Katie said...

You made me smile--albeit, delayed--because you love me, even when I am an emotional mess and refuse to continue a conversation where you are being too reasonable.

Faithful friends make me smile. After I get over myself.