Monday, October 5, 2009

on the twelveth day of smiling...

Aaaahhh, that reminds me that Christmas is coming!!! While I absolutely LOVE Christmas, the speed at which it is coming is frightening...I hope fall lingers a bit before barreling into winter.

Today's list:
-Swing dancing! I enjoy it very much, even though I would not classify myself as a great fact, any kind of partner dancing used to freak me out. Mostly because I felt like I would fall all over any guy who attempted to spin me around the floor. I love dancing, but dancing in coordination with someone? Yikes. Then, a dear friend named Howie taught me some simple steps and that I indeed won't maim my partner. I have been slightly addicted since. I still mess up a lot, which results in laughing at myself, but again, it makes me laugh. I dream of being 80 something dancing with my romantic!
-The candy aisle at Ralphs. Endless choices...dangerous but so good!

-Listening to my newly married friend talk about marriage as being the best thing ever. I can't wait to double date with her and her husband one day, and eventually raise our kids together. She, of course, makes me want to get married, but I guess I still would at this point without her encouragement.

-Down comforters on cold nights. :)

-The story of Mary and Martha, and the fact that God is trying to teach me to learn how to rest in His Presence.

-Big, green grapes. Yummy!

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