Saturday, October 3, 2009

niner niner day nine...

Two hours past brain mush time, and I think my brain gave up good thinking right about 10am this morning, so really I am about 14 hours past clarity...haha, nevertheless, here I am. I smiled and laughed a lot today. Sometimes at myself and my inability to come up with words like "conference" or forgetting what I was going to do right in the middle of doing it. So here is some of what made me laugh besides myself...always a funny thing...

-The 90s. Sister Act 2. Ace of Base. Boyz II Men. Spice Girls. My night was filled with this. I still have a mix of "Spice up your life" and "Barbie Girl" stuck in my head.

-Trying to do things that might be physically impossible. Like bending your legs behind your head. Real pushups. The worm. And laughing when you realize that all you have really accomplished is sticking your butt straight up in the air. Classy.

-Girls nights. No, these do not usually consist of pillow fights and doing nails. Sometimes they do. Tonight we challenged each other to do crazy amazing feats of amazingness. And mostly fell flat on our face laughing.

-Laughing. I love to laugh.

-Gospel type music. Too bad I can't really sound like that when I sing. But it gives me the shivers and makes me smile to hear it. Like the entire soundtrack to Sister Act 2.

I really need to go to sleep. But I get to sleep in tomorrow. Another thing that makes me SMILE! :)

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