Monday, October 19, 2009

day 26

Back to rain again today...not sure what is going on...but I have to admit that I felt like rain tonight. And that's okay because this, along with a few other things, are helping me feel a little better. Things like...

-Being reminded of your worth. I got an email from a friend tonight that wrote amazing things about women, admitting that their biggest flaw is that they forget their worth. I know that email was sent with perfect timing.

-Also being reminded of the attitude of your heart and who determines it. Another email brought me to a site I follow where a man with no arms or legs wrote about allowing God to determine our heart attitude, that we should be grateful no matter what the circumstances. More perfect timing.

-When the weatherman is WRONG. Like today. My friend Stacy actually called me to see if I knew if it was going to rain (because apparently I know things like that, haha), and so I checked for her. She was looking into washing her car. The weatherman of the internet world said no rain, but at approximately 5pm today, the proof was in the pudding, so they say...and we had rain. Stacy decided not to wash her car, so she was grateful.

-Fall fashion. See post below.

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