Monday, October 5, 2009

day e l e v e n


-Days that actually feel like fall! Someone tried to tell me today that I would miss summer when we really delve into fall, and I simply told him it was not true. I love summer in the summertime, but once it is time for fall, I am ready, and welcome it with open arms! Cold nights where my down comforter is put to good use, bundling up, crunchy leaves, changing colors (even if it is much less dramatic here)...I love fall!

-Getting a hold of God's heart. I only ever get a hold of it in small portions, because I know I would be overwhelmed with more, but it makes me is so beautiful. He loves me. He really does.

-When dogs get excited to see you. How can that not make you smile?

-Books. I love books. I am making my roommate read Pride and Prejudice. She has never read it! I have a list of books to read...I am going to be making more time to tackle that list. I have some good ones on that list. Now if only I had a fireplace to go with that...haha. :)

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