Saturday, October 10, 2009


I think it is curious that today is day 17, and I found a poem I wrote when I was 17 today that was about being 17. Must be day 17. Haha, that is a lot of the number 17.

And the beat goes on...ladeedadeedee...

-Lazy days! Short of having band practice at 8am this morning, I had no real agenda. I came home, took a nap (hee hee), got my car washed, picked up food, and was joined by a friend who also had nothing but laziness on the agenda. It was one of those days where you are astounded at the time because you could swear it must be several hours later than it actually is...

-On the same token, I love having a clean room! It is 95% there! Having a lazy day also meant time to organize the little things that have slowly driven me crazy since I moved. When I moved, I was caught up in wedding stuff, so I threw my room together and put off the rest till later. That later was today. All I need is a vacuum run and a few clothes to put away, along with a few things I have left out for a project. My room is almost there! Happy!

-Days where I don't put on makeup or make a big deal about what I wear. Don't get me wrong, I didn't leave my house looking awful, but it was nice to just be confident in comfort.

-Movies from the time frame of my young childhood...especially ones with characters like Steve Martin...they are good for many laughs.

-My family. Going through pictures of them today made me realize how blessed I am. I miss them a lot...time to make some phone calls, I think. I love that the holidays are rushed as they are, they bring us together. And no on-call this year on a holiday!!! Yay!!!

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