Friday, October 23, 2009

final fall fashion day...

...which they really should call "Fashion feel good day" because of all of the amazing compliments! You ladies who have been a part of this week have been so sweet! And I barely am awake enough to post today's, so I will peruse yours tomorrow. This was fun! I wore a more casual outfit for frolicking in San Francisco, and honestly did not get very many shots. I did my best though, and here they are:

I snuck the top right picture in while I was in the dressing room at H&M (hee hee).
Shirt- Gap
Scarf- Target
Necklace- same as earlier (Forever 21)
Jeans- Old Navy
Fake Vans or "Fans"- Payless Shoes
Sunglasses- Ross

Here I am looking out into the bay. Fun day for sure. And slightly sad to see this week of fall fashion ending. I enjoyed it!

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