Thursday, October 15, 2009

twenty one...

So yesterday, I practically did nothing. I slept a lot, because I woke up feeling sick and chilly. I feel better today, but still dragging a bit. So, that is why I am doing yesterday's note, today.

-Doing nothing (every once in a while). Sometimes we need to stop and allow ourselves to rest. It was nice to do that yesterday.

-Having friends who facebook stalk you and bring you what you say you want via facebook. Example: Yesterday I posted that I was craving cinnamon rolls but was too lazy/sick to go get them. A friend of mine who was coming over to study with a roommate of mine saw the status and decided to bring some! My hero! (Ladies, Estevan is an awesome candidate for a future husband. This is Christina and I approve this message.)

-Being able to watch T.V. shows on the Internet! I have not had cable in my house for six years, but there are shows I like to watch. I have discovered the amazingness that is free T.V. on the Internet. So great! I can catch up on several weeks worth if needed...or watch on my own time. Yay!

-The following quote- "never make someone a priority that considers you an option." So true. And very revolutionary. God made me a priority, as He has you. There are people who are meant to have room in our lives, but perhaps not priority. That's okay...but we get hurt if we give someone priority who is not willing to give the same back. I like quotes that make you think.


Estevan said...

thanks for the endorsement!

Katie said...

I vote for Estevan as someone's husband. I like his stance on the issues (e.g. his cinnamon roll acquisition program).