Thursday, October 15, 2009

two two (or 22)...

Back to work today, but felt like I was dragging...took a nap at about 6:50 pm after reading for a while. I did get a lot accomplished at work today. That made me smile.

-Books. Gads of books! I like books and reading. I am reading a few right now..."Power Evangelism" and "Pilgrim's Progress" are the two right now, but I am also feeling compelled to start reading "Holy Spirit, My Senior Partner". Really I have a list of about 10 books I own and want to read....

-Farmer's Market. I did not go tonight, but I like it a lot. One day, like a friend wrote about, I want to walk through Farmer's holding someone's hand. That makes me smile. And I know that one day, it will happen.

-Fridays. Always make me smile! And it is tomorrow!

-Amazing concerts. Tomorrow I get to hear Almost There and Citizen play...both are super awesome! And then next week, I am going to see Needtobreathe!!! In San Francisco!!! So excited! I won free tickets and I am looking forward to spending the day mulling around after the concert. I never do that...linger and mull around. :)

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