Friday, October 16, 2009

veinte tres

Some funny guys I know wrote a song about a girl turning twenty three called veinte one of those guys is going to marry that girl in a few short months...I think writing songs for the one you are going to marry should be a pre-requisite, yes? Even if it is silly and includes lyrics like, "que dice el gato? meow". begins day 23...

-Pumpkin Spiced Chai Iced Blended drinks in the fall when it is 90 degrees outside. Need I say more?

-Planning fun events. Even if two people show up, I love planning events.

-People watching. Tonight I was people watching at an amazing show I went to with two bands- Almost There ( ) and Citizen ( ). They rocked it. But watching people who are watching a concert is great. You see a lot. Very interesting.

-Watching kids dance freely when they think no one is looking. Why don't we do that all the time? Why do we have to care so much what others think? The only sad part about the kids is when they got self-conscious. Luckily it faded fast as the music carried them away again.

It is really really really hot outside and even hotter inside, but I am going to attempt to fall asleep...I cannot wait until the weather makes up its mind and dives full on into fall. Yes, two days ago it was pouring rain. Now humid heat with no sight of letting up. Good night all. Sweet dreams...may you not have the many weird dreams I had last night! Haha!

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