Wednesday, September 14, 2011

awesome/awkward round 2

It's a new week, and my friend Katie posted another week's worth of awesome/awkward posts...thus inspiring me to do the same.  Hope your week has been as awesome and awkward as mine!

Awesome: Having your Pastor pray over you, saying that you are a leader and that whoever is in your life will be blessed by you
Awkward: Him saying that he knows that because he reads your tweets, that you can't stop tweeting because you have something to say...all of this publicly (haha, he also knows ME very well, it was just a really funny moment)

Awesome: Driving by the Morro Bay Fire Department and having a handsome fireman wave at you as you drive by
Awkward: Well, I can't think of anything awkward about that.

Awesome: Shopping at Target (always awesome) for a friend's baby shower
Awkward: Finding yourself in front of the baby display with all the cute little ducks on them, and almost crying because you can see your (future) kids wearing the stuff and you wish you knew Yeah, walked away quickly.

Awesome: Shopping at Target and looking for a sweet leather jacket you've been wanting
Awkward: Trying on the largest size available in the regular section and have it cut off circulation in your arms, then going to the smallest in the plus size section only to be swimming in it. Sigh. Maybe it isn't meant to be.

Awesome: Getting to see my first lightning storm of the year while driving down to have Olive Garden with friends
Awkward: Getting caught squealing in delight every time the sky lit your roommate

Awkward: Getting jury duty during the ONE week your work schedule finally allows you some office time to get caught up on work
Awesome: Showing up to jury duty to find that all of the pending cases for the day took pleas right before we were ready to go before the judge.  We were all released from duty after only an hour.

Awesome: Getting new referrals at work
Awkward: Knowing the family of one of your referrals...and hoping that the whole process goes smoothly, since sometimes it doesn't...

Awesome: Being recognized for your singing/acting abilities
Awkward: Being asked to promote your work's fundraiser because of those abilities...which is 80s themed

Feel free to share some of your moments of the week...I love these because it gives a fun insight into life. 


Katie said...

Yeah, shopping for baby showers is the worst. Yay for Megan for doing mine on Saturday.

So, these Morro Bay firemen......they are outside the firehouse often?

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I don't think I would find anything awkward at all w/a good looking fireman waving either. ;)

And at least it was just your roommate catching you squeal. I love a good lightning storm.
Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Megan said...

Ahhhh, love the one about the pastor reading your tweets! Ha! That's totally awkward!! You're so funny!