Monday, September 26, 2011

fall fashion. day three.

I haven't said this yet...
but I LOVE this week!
I love getting ideas, encouraging other women, getting wonderful compliments...
It's wonderful.

I am kind of overwhelmed by HOW MANY are joining in this time.
I seriously spent about 2 hours looking and complimenting...
and I didn't even get to all of them.

SO. If I haven't left you a little note, I am sorry.  I truly am.
I will try and do another round later in the week.
And for those faithful in your comments, 

I didn't stray far from the color scheme of yesterday, which I think is my favorite for this season. 
Here is what I am wearing today:
Headband- made by a friend for a wedding I was in last year
Necklace- bought at a boutique at a music festival
Cardigan- same as yesterday (Target)
Shirt- Kohl's clearance
Jeans- TJ Maxx (Calvin Klein)
Shoes- also stolen from roommate's closet. We share our shoes.  These lovely wedges were purchased at Nine West Outlet, which I highly encouraged. :)

Can't wait to see more fashion...join up HERE.


Caitlin said...

great headband and necklace!

E said...

I love this look from head to toe, literally. You look fabulous!

Lea said...

Ooo! I am loving those wedges!! And you have PRETTY eyes!!

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

Loving the entire outfit!! So darn cute. And those shoes..I'm pretty sure I'd be stealing those every single day..provided they were comfy of course. ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Charlotte said...

I know - it's hard to get around to everyone! But I love seeing the excitement in all the posts.

Those shoes are fantastic!

Whitney said...

I love everything here, especially that headband. And the shoes. And your top. And the necklace. Alright, I'll stop now. :X