Saturday, September 17, 2011

ten days. eight fears.

While I am not a fan of today's topic, not because I don't want to be more vulnerable, but more because I don't want to agree with these fears.  But as such, here are the ones, some serious, some less so, that I deal with .  Let's face it, we all deal with fear sometimes.  Here are mine.

8. Spiders...but sometimes even more so, spider webs.  Creeeeeeepy.
7. Disappointing people.
6. Not being able to lose the weight I want and keep it off.
5. Failing. In general, in anything.  Failing scares me.
4. Change. Especially unexpected change.
3. Stagnancy. I never want to be stuck in my walk with Jesus.
2. Not living my life to the fullest.  What a terrible thing that would be.
1. Not ever getting married and having a family. This is a huge dream of mine, and my biggest fear is that it won’t happen.

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