Thursday, September 22, 2011

ten days. two songs.

Really, I have to choose TWO? This should have been at the top...ten songs. I could do ten songs. Haha....okay, so here it goes?

2. Something Beautiful by NEEDTOBREATHE. Arguably my favorite song of theirs...until this new album. I chose this one because I got to be in the music video they made for it...twice! I have loved this song for two years now, and this version below added accordion...which made it even better than I ever thought it could be. I love its message, it all. 1. To Whom It May Concern by the Civil Wars. I chose this song not only because this duo is one of my top faves, but also because this song of theirs really sums up how I feel right now about being single, and my desire to meet the “one”. Enough said. (That and I mentioned them earlier when I revealed my secrets about singing.)

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