Monday, September 19, 2011

ten days. six places.

6. Hawaii. It reminds me of my mom, because the one time I’ve traveled there was with her.  I love the warm water, the beautiful weather, the lush surroundings, the laid back life.  

5. Seattle, WA. That place is where hipsters are made.  Unique coffee shops, incredible food, delightful panoramic views...Seattle is just plain cool.

4. Most places in Colorado.  I have fond memories of trips to Colorado.  There are lots of trees, which make me happy, and one of my best friends lives there.

3. San Luis Obispo, CA. The place I call home.  And the place I could call home for the rest of my life if God allows.  I love small towns and this place epitomizes that. I see people I know everywhere I go.  It’s quaint and lovely, and I am SO blessed to live here.

2. Charleston, SC. If there was a second choice of where to live, it’d be here. The food, the people, the history, the has it all, and I love this place dearly.

1. Heaven. One day, I’ll dance with Jesus and be filled with laughter and worship all day long.  I know the moments when I realize I don’t quite feel at home here on earth are when I am longing for this place. The best place.

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Katie said...

That is an awesome list. Just plain awesome.