Thursday, September 29, 2011

fall fashion. day six.

I'm a little sad that all week has been so nutso that I don't get to post until 9pm.
It means less time for me to go and check out the awesome outfits...
(and for selfish reasons, I'm sad because less people end up visiting me here.)
There. I said it.

Today's outfit is more professional.  The skirt I am wearing is the very skirt that showed me that I could indeed pull off wearing a high-waisted skirt.
ONLY ONE MORE DAY....that too is sad.

This is me sad that it's almost over...

This is me being a sassy pants.

Cardigan- Target
T-shirt- Walmart
Necklace- Mervyns 
Skirt and shoes- TJ Maxx

There is a possibility of a prize AND you get new fashion ideas?! What, you say?
Then check it out here.


Katie said...

The people don't need a picture to know you are a sassy pants. You just are.

And I stayed up on my compy just to see your post. I'm off to spend time with the Lord and go to bed now. Love you!

Robert said...

Cute outfits sis. I need to be more into my fashion sense.

Lea said...

I am loving everything about this!! I love the ruffles on your skirt and those shoes are adorable Miss. Sassy Pants! ;-)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I approve of this outfit. haha

I think you need to tell work that you have better things to do than work itself. ;)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes