Saturday, September 24, 2011

fall fashion 2011: day 1

This picture is of me picking apples.

Aren't these flowers gorgeous?!

As seen on (and stolen from) Katie's can see my whole outfit here though!    

So, if you stopped by Katie's blog before this one, you'll see similar shots...but you see I wore a tank top and jeans all day today, so nothing fall-ish to show.

Dress and belt- Target
Boots- roommate's closet :)
Vest/sweater- Forever 21

Happy Fall Fashion week! For lots of other great fashion today, go here. 


E said...

I love the flowers and apples as accessories. So fun! And your outfit is fantastic!

Peace Love and Leener said...

That dress is adorable! Very cute!

Rachael said...

How adorable are you?!!!! Omigosh. I love that first pic so much!

Katie said...

Yay AVB! It just demands you dress fall-ish. The perfect outfits to kick off FFQ :)