Thursday, September 15, 2011

ten days. ten secrets.

10. I never really liked sugary cereals growing up.  I still don’t.  Give me oatmeal, or Raisin Bran or Kashi cereal and I’ll be a happy girl.

9. It surprises me when people consider me to be a good friend and want to keep in touch with me for long periods of time.  It always has.

8. I take great delight in telling people I’m 30 and seeing that their reaction is shock...because they think I am much younger than that.

7. I have a love/hate relationship with my singing voice.  I love my ability to harmonize, and think I am pretty good at doing so.  I am not so confident in my ability to lead a song.  Most people haven’t REALLY heard me sing.  Secret singing dreams of mine? That I would either be a backing vocalist for an amazing singer/songwriter on an album one day and/or that I could be a partner in crime in a singing duo that bares a resemblance to The Civil Wars...even if all we do is sing at weddings and stuff.

6. If my roommate isn’t home, I’ll use the bathroom with the door open. I guess I figure why bother with the shenanigans of closing the door and wasting electricity if no one but the cat is around?

5.  I am pretty sure I’ve forgotten what it feels like to be found attractive by a guy...

4.  The days I am weakest are the days when I am farthest from God and His truth.

3.  I am a people pleaser by nature, and have a hard time saying no.  I’ll often compromise instead of outright saying no.  I’m working on that....

2.  I absolutely cannot fall asleep in moving things (planes, trains, cars) unless I can fully lay down.  Actually, even if I am not moving and I am in something like a rocking chair, I have difficulty sleeping.  I am a great road trip partner.  I will not fall asleep on you.  

1.  If I can make funny voices and ridiculous jokes that border on complete cheesy-lameness in your presence, I feel at home with you and you are seeing the real me.  Most people take a while to fully see this side of me.


Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I am with you on 9. I KNOW me and can't understand why someone would want to remain my friend.

I love when people are shocked about my age. Just had a college student ask me TODAY if I was in school. (score!!)

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

ps watched the NTB video you sent. They're pretty good, I'll admit. ;) You still crushing on the drummer? (did you want me to put that out there?..sorry...)

Katie said...

I love your cheeseball jokes.