Friday, September 16, 2011

ten days. nine loves.

So, I never really explained this whole ten days thing.  I saw it on someone else's blog, and thought it was a fun idea.  I'd love to see others do it!  

9. Getting new music and listening to it for days on end...(like NEEDTOBREATHE and Ben Rector both of whom have new albums out...well, sort of. NEED’s will be out soon but I am grateful for the free streaming!) I love music. A lot.  I think this quote sums up this love well- "Next to the Word of God, the noble art of Music is the greatest treasure in the World." - Martin Luther 

This album is seriously amazing. So good that it made top 10 on iTunes for a whole week.

8. Aveda tea. I refer to it as magic tea.  It makes me very happy.

7. Sleeping in and/or lounging in my comfy bed on days when I am not rushed out of it. Reading books in bed is a bonus.

I wish I had this bed.  Mine is pretty awesome though.

6. Chocolate. In all forms. (except the really cheap kind that tastes waxy. That’s not real chocolate. Also fake chocolate milkshakes. Those should never be made with anything but the real deal.)

5. Getting texts/calls/facebook messages from my family. I love them so much, and it always makes me smile.  One time I text my dad to ask him about his lunch plans, as I was driving through and wanted to see him.  His response? "I can push back my audience with the Pope..."

4. Fall. All things related to fall. Scarves, mittens, leaves, pumpkin everything, cold nights...

I think this captures the way my heart feels in fall.

3. Laughing till I cry or wheeze or both. Yes, I wheeze when I laugh...friends aim to make this happen.

I loved this picture when I saw it.

2. All things involved with NEEDTOBREATHE.  The concerts. The music. The people. The little tasks I am assigned to. The band. The travel. The opening bands. The photography. The fact that I finally have a favorite band. (I never could pick before.)  Someone said the other day that they make their fans feel like family.  I think that's the best way to sum up my love for them.  I feel like I am cheering on family.

1. Being loved. By Jesus. By my family. By my friends. It’s the best thing EVER.

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