Monday, September 5, 2011


So, first of all, I have to thank Katie for making her qualifier for being tagged to do this simply the fact that you read hers. (I am a faithful reader of her blog because I love her.) Anyway, she has asked me to post about various moments of my week that have had both an awkward and awesome part to it. Here we go:

Awkward: not remembering whether or not you applied deodorant that day and having to do physical labor at Hearst Castle
Awesome: it being cool enough of a day to not have to worry about it

Awkward: driving down to L.A. to watch a show by yourself
Awesome: that show being NEEDTOBREATHE and Taylor Swift, running into people you know and getting to high five Taylor

Awkward: buying an album you already own, just so you can say hi to the band
Awesome: seeing their faces be as excited to see you as you are to see them, then getting to take a pic with them (which "wasn't allowed") and riding down the elevator with them

Awkward: going to a dinner to possibly meet someone, where you only know like one person
Awesome: meeting a bunch of new and awesome people, and having a great time

Awkward: standing by yourself while your favorite band is sound checking
Awesome: being at the sound check and hearing some sweet new songs

Awkward: being told that "your obsession for needtobreathe is terrifying"
Awesome: being secure enough in yourself to understand that this person has completely misunderstood you, and not letting that change who you are

Awkward: taking money out of the ATM only to realize that doing so may cause the check you just wrote to your roommate to bounce
Awesome: being paid back money owed and being able to deposit that before the check cleared (whew!)

Awkward: trying to use stilts for the first time since you were front of a bunch of new friends
Awesome: getting it right the first time and basically showing up the guys who had been trying to do it for 20 minutes before you

And finally, this is both awesome and awkward.
It's Ran Jackson from The Daylights and we are pretend sleeping. :)


Katie said...

You used stilts?! And I didn't get to be there to stand next to you in wonder and amazement? Seriously, I know you want to know what the top of my head looks like.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

That was absolutely awesome! I bet it was great that they were all smiles when they saw you.

Way to go on the stilts..I don't think I've ever done those before. Sounds like you rocked them! haha

Emily w/Amazing Grapes

Hannah said...

Raddest post EVER! I'm so much more awkward than awesome, personally, HAHA! :) As for Ran and you... gosh, that's the best photograph I've ever seen! :D